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Party gator!

The free app that helps you find parties near you! Just login with your Facebook account and you're good to go.

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What's unique about it?

With party gator you can search through Facebook events for the upcoming week. This way nobody has to manually add these events.
Party gator searches events based on your current location so it's important that you allow us to use your current location.

How does it work?

Login with your facebook account and you're ready to start finding events! If you let us use your current location we can make it easier to find events near you.

Who made it work?

We are 2 belgian students from Lessius Mechelen (@jensroels & @geoffverhulst). We didn't find easy accessible party calendars with enough events. We knew there is a lot of data on Facebook, but it's hard to find events if you're not invited. So we decided to make it a lot easier for all you party animals.

Send us your feedback

This is the first version so we can't wait to hear what you think of it and how we can improve it. Send your comments, feedback, bugs, remarks to us via our Feedback forum and help us make Partygator even better.

Support us

The more people who use party gator the more events we will have in our database, so help us spread the word about party gator.

Party safe!

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Stay in touch

Events from your current location

When you login we will search events based on your current location. For this to work we need your permissions to use your current location. If you're prompted by your browser just accept.

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Drag the marker around

When you drag the marker around new events will be searched upon release.

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Type in an adress

Just type in the adress in the address field and select your option from the autocomplete list. When you select one ,events will be searched near the chosen location.

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